What We Offer Our Clients

As a registered Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), we provide our clients with the full suite of investment banking services – including FV assessments, M&A Advisory and securities underwriting and promotion. Our clients also have access to a wide range of ancillary services, available to them through our longstanding affiliations with a number of renowned legal and consultancy offices.

Corporate Valuations

PIB's team of dedicated experts offer our clients meticulous valuation services for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Acquisition 
  • Divestment
  •  Initial Public Offerings
  • Change in ownership structure
  • Legal disputes & proceedings
  • General accounting purposes

Feasibility Studies 

PIB also conducts feasibility studies, drawing on our team's far-reaching knowledge and years of experience working in capital markets to carefully assess and advise clients on their propositions for their businesses. Feasibility studies are prepared for:  

  • New ventures
  • Start-ups
  • Expansion projects & other regulatory requirements

Mergers & Acquisitions

As part of our investment banking suite at PIB, we offer our clients a number of services for mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • Advising clients on best practices during the process of acquisition or divestiture
  • Identifying and selecting acquisition targets and / or potential buyers
  • Conducting evaluations and analysis
  • Structuring deals and strategic transactions 

Due Diligence

As part of the firm's role structuring and sometimes executing equity transactions, PIB also conducts financial and legal due Diligence analysis for companies across various industries:

  • Auditing and analyzing potential investments
  • Reviewing all financial records, and other material elements, related to the transaction

Promotion & Underwriting of Securities

As part of our range of investment banking services, we also perform securities underwriting for our clients, which involves: 

  • Assessing the value of the organization or asset for which securities are being issued
  • Determining the number of shares to issue 
  • Ascertaining the amount of money needed to help with the sales of original stocks 
  • Promoting the stock prior to its issuance
  • Advising companies on all matters related to listing on the stock exchange 

Legal Advisory

Our legal arm is comprised of former lawyers and judges who bring years of experience to the table and can offer clients unparalleled advice on the legal processes of commercial transactions and related matters.

SME Advisory

PIB is a nominated EGX and NILEX SME advisor, as we provide a number of comprehensive services for small and medium enterprises: 

  • Consultations on legal matters for various purposes
  • Advice on managerial and HR improvement, as well as internal policies and procedures
  • Financial and tax-related consultations and analyses

Financial and Tax Advisory

Thanks to our wide network of affiliates, namely Nasr A. Abbas-Morison International, PIB also advises clients across industry groups on the best accounting and taxation practices for their businesses, including:

  • Projecting future tax liabilities 
  • Developing strategies to help clients decrease their tax bills
  • Reviewing tax returns for clients to identify budgetary and financial planning ideas
  • Providing summary tax data
  • Keeping clients up to speed with new tax laws and regulations and what they mean for their business

Financial Planning & Management Consultancy

PIB also offers financial planning and management consultancy services, such as: 

  • Preparing comprehensive reports for managerial and financial restructuring
  • Obtaining information that would drive business insight for our clients
  • Providing appropriate, tailored services to clients based on analyses and assessments